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Stop Under Earning, Increase Your Income, and Overcome Money Misery Forever! 

Here’s Why You Don’t Have The Money You Want!

Having the newest course, the best marketing strategies in the world, more time, an unlimited Facebook Ads budget, and A list celebrity status still won’t help to INCREASE YOUR INCOME, if you’re missing the most important element to business and life!

What’s more important in business than celebrity status, unlimited ads budget, time, and marketing? Great Question!

We're all captivated by a great story where the person was fired from their job, failed at their fourth business that their mother mortgaged her home for, was face with a 72hour eviction notice with no where to go, and just discovered that someone hacked into their bank account and stole their last $127 in the world, but somehow found it within themselves to go from broke to 6 figures in a matter of 63 days...

These stories are inspiring, but they don't provide a step-by-step process on how people like you and I can at least have a similar experience... Until Now!

Each of the mega rich that we've witnessed experience this transformation in their lives, have all gone through some version of this 5 step process that we've coined as the Neuro- Money Method™. After studying others, desperately wanting our own money situation to change, and personally going through the Neuro- Money Method™ we felt it was time to make this available to ensure others could experience this 5 step process inside of the CASHFLOW COACHING ACADEMY! Don't take our word for it, just look below... 

Step 1. Transform your language!

The language you speak is an internal representation of your beliefs and values... 

The internal and external language that you use reinforce what you believe about your value. Until you “value your value” the world will not value you.

Step 2. Transform your habits! 

Where we all are in life at this moment, is because of our habits...

You don’t get what you want in life, you get your brain based habits. Your money habits will determine your financial success.

Step 3. Transform your drivers!

What's important to you based on personal experience is what drives you...

This is the opposite of what you have learned but money does not come from your external world. It comes first from your internal world…your internal mental drivers!

Step 4. Transform your beliefs! 

What you believe about yourself, others, and the world around you subconsciously, makes up your belief system... 

Your self-worth will determine your financial worth because your “subconscious identity governs your value” and your self-value determines your wealth.

Step 5. Own The True You!

This is the best version of you that fear has kept you from living... 

You must change who you are on the inside to attract what you desire. Everything you have or will allow in your life, will always stay congruent to who you believe you are, especially when it comes to money!  

After going through the 5 step "Neuro- Money Method" inside of the Miracle Money Makeover, financial transformation will be your experience!

We don't determine our future, we determine our habits and our habits determine our future. Upgrade your money habits, money beliefs, and your identity around money and finally experience the best this life has to offer!

This Miracle Money Makeover System upgrades your beliefs, bank account, and habits so you have a more powerful money mindset and success blueprint. Each level provides the step-by-step process that ensures you achieve greater financial success. Below are just a few of the trainings inside your money makeover system...


Miracle Money Makeover Training System

Lifetime Access (Value $1,497)

The 4 Agreements That Keep You Broke!

We keep agreements with friends, certain family members, and definitely those who we deem as important! However, we break agreements with ourselves that eat away at our confidence, self-esteem, our happiness, and ultimately our bank account! These 4 agreements will transform your confidence, improve your relationships, increase your income, and position you to experience higher pay days on a consistent basis, as a result of making these 4 agreements a part of your life!

Sometimes your wealth is hiding behind the very thing you are reluctant to do, and simplicity is the most common overlooked path to financial abundance! Keep these 4 agreements and experience internally, the best this life has to offer financially!

Money Talks! What Is Yours Saying?

Have you ever really listened to how broke people talk about money? Picture money as your spouse. Would your spouse feel loved, valued, appreciated, respected, and felt like they are in a great relationship? or - Would your spouse feel like you are desperate, insecure, and unstable? This very question is what changed things for me, because I never wanted to be viewed as someone who was desperate, insecure, and unstable in any of my relationships, especially my relationship with money! 

In this video I will reveal things that you can never unsee and you can never unhear (in a great way). You will have an awareness that is so powerful, you will see everyday what's needed to eliminate the negativity that repels your money like insect spray. One of the greatest deceptions about increasing your income, is how simple it is and this is a big key in this process! 

The Ultimate Success Spending System!

Budgets are boring, pinching pennies is painful, and feeling guilty about something you purchased is a nightmare! Finally, a proven spending system that eliminates budgets, makes penny pinching a thing of the past, and kisses money guilt goodby forever. 

This simple 3 step process ensures your success spending in advance, especially if you make most of your purchases online! Picture all of the things you have purchased this year alone that you wish you could get your money back (or even half your money) on. This training alone will save you $5,000/yr (maybe even more depending on your spending). In addition to saving you money, restoring trust in yourself and others, this alone will position you to save 43% on average, by paying less for the same things others are paying more for!

Is Your Money Cheating On You?

Ever felt like your money is in a relationship with someone else? Ever been upset because you didn't have enough money? Ever felt like your money spends more time with others than with you? The answers to the above questions, determine if you do now or have ever resented money in your life. Although money is a mental game, there are three practical things you can do to keep your money longer, keep it coming back more frequent (even when it does leave), and get it to multiply itself and bring you back the extra from its work.

This step-by-step process will have you feeling more confident, secure, and happy about your relationship with money and the financial returns it brings you!

Outperform The FEAR That Hinders Your Finances...

In this behind the scenes eye opening training, you will learn why so many people fear making money and the benefits they receive from it. One of the biggest fears we have is the fear of judgement. Unconsciously, we do things to keep ourselves safe, especially when it comes to the judgement that threatens our comfort!

We find safety in being broke because those around us are experiencing the same things and the things that's said about wealthy people, we never want said about us. This video shows you how to outperform the four fears we ALL struggle with, especially with money. Learn why people fear the opinions of others more than poverty, and how to overcome it. Financial freedom is really your friend and it awaits you, on the other side of fear!

Clear Ancestral Money Wounds!

The experience of money is much deeper than your situation today. Take a trip down memory lane and you'll discover your current money situation (directly and indirectly) in several relatives, some you may have never met before. However, this shared experience is not a coincidence, it's a habitual subconscious behavior that demands to be in alignment with family values and traditional practices!

However, freeing yourself from the financial wounds that's been passed down and adopted by generations, is one of the fastest ways to wealth and the overall wealthy lifestyle, that many desire but very few ever obtain...

It's time for you to be financially liberated! This shows you how...  

Stop Sabotaging Your Money Success

Most people make money an “external game,” and it’s really (and only) an internal game. As you’re about to discover, money, wealth and abundance are 100% an internal “mental” game and until you learn this “game” and how to manage your thinking about wealth and money your life will not change. Don’t agree, how many times have you tried to change your money circumstances and failed?

This helps you change that permanently! This is the most in demand training in this entire system because of the freedom and liberation it's already provided those, who once struggled financially. What you're about to discover in the cashflow commitment section will be worth the price of this entire program, and that's just one of many things you'll learn...   

Controlling the increase of your income starts now!

The Big Money Lie - Getting To The Root Of Your Riches

You will literally watch a transformation take place right before your eyes, as you walk through the steps that tap into the root of your riches! This is the foundational shift required to get to your next financial milestone, regardless if it's an extra $500/week, $10,000/mo, or the 7 figure mark. The process is the same and those whose use the process to get to one level, use the same process to get to the next accompanied by expansion!

We all have a financial thermostat that's set for a specific amount, even if we're not aware of what that is. When we identify as being something, we do whatever is needed to stay in alignment with that identify, even if it means struggling financially! Which is why hard work alone won't increase your income and accelerate your financial situation, which leads to frustration and burnout. You can be the hardest working person you know and still struggle financially. Your money situation won't ever change until you change your identity associated with money first... This training shows you how, while increasing your income in the process!

When You Purchase Today, You Will Receive These Fast ACTION Bonuses Immediately!

(Bonus #1) The 5 Ways To Profit From Your Personality! Today: Included Free (Value $197)

Discover How to turn Your Confidence into Cash Flow... use your personality to increase your income, while making others feel good about paying you more!

Have you ever witnessed someone who others were drawn to and it wasn't visibly obvious why? Some people think you have to be born with it and it's actually not true!

It's a skillset that's very simple to learn, especially when you incorporate this 5 step process into your personality when talking to not only decision makers you want to gain from, but people you interact with on a regular basis. This video alone will give you an unfair advantage over 98% of the people you interact with, and they won't know why they want to help you get more money. It's a must that you use this process responsibly when using these 5 ways to profit from your personality!

(Bonus #2) Divorce The Disappointment of Debt! Today: Included Free (Value $297)

With 7 out of 10 Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it's a good chance, even more people are in debt. What's confusing about this is some people love debt while others hate it. When I was over 6 figures in debt I hated debt and felt embarrassed, ashamed, fearful of being found out and judged for being irresponsible with money!

However, a friend of mind shared how he was in debt and was loving it, which piqued my curiosity. What he taught me about debt, I had never heard any of the experts that I followed talk about it, but it made so much sense when he really explained it! You're about to access a behind the scenes closed door meeting that's now worth $100,000's to me because of what I applied. When you discover what's here, you will not only learn the fast track to eliminate your current debt, but you'll see exactly how to increase your income today, with one thing he shares in this video, that grants you access to a resource that until now, has only been reserved for the rich!  

(Bonus #3) Family FREE Travel Globally... Today: Included Free (Value $100)

Maybe you're one of the few people in this world who are not interested in learning how to travel for free. However, if you're like the rest of us, the only thing better than heavily discounted travel is free travel. 

In this behind the scenes free travel strategy session, I'm live with a free vacation traveler expert who shares how she took her son to several places across the US and also how her and her family traveled internationally for free, with the exception of a few meals. So if you've ever wanted to know more about how to add more travel to your life without putting a strain on your budget, you're going to love this!

(Bonus #4) How to Pay Off Debt When You're Broke! Today: Included Free (Value $100)

At times you can feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to go! Well this video gives you three ways to kick debt to the curb for good! I also share, how I used the #3 strategy to get out of debt and continue to make money from it even after all of my debt was paid off.

Strategy #2 saves or makes you (based on how you use it) a minimum of $600 each month. The great thing, it doesn't require a lot of time, investing any money at all, or something complicated or technical. This one video can literally change your entire financial situation, especially if you live within 5 miles of a grocery store! If you're not broke or in debt, this video is even more powerful because it fast tracks increasing your income! 

These videos aren’t available ANYWHERE else – they are exclusively for my Miracle Money Makeover members only (because I want you to experience financial freedom at the highest level!).








I love how Chris digs deeper into the mental and emotional aspects surrounding money. I highly encourage you to check it out and I know it will have a transformational impact on your life surrounding money. I highly encourage you to check it out and I know it will have a transformational impact on your life!

Dr. Joel Freeman

WOW!!! Somebody finally gets the FEAR discussion around money. What Chris breaks down about the 4 FEARS is amazing and is something that I will now use to overcome challenges I may face and maximize my income potential!

Major Hopkins

I have noticed a measurable increase in my income and I highly recommend you work with Chris. He's not like other high powered people who make you feel intimidated. He's nice, kind, and he really understands the process to remove what's holding you back!

– Trish Jenkins

The Complete Miracle Money Makeover TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM

The Complete Cashflow Coaching Academy System (Lifetime Access)  $3,497                                             

(Upgrades your beliefs, bank account, and habits so you have a more powerful money mindset and success blueprint)

(BONUS #1) The 5 Ways To Profit From Your Personality (Video Training)                            $197

(Turn Confidence into Cashflow and get people to want to pay you money)

(BONUS #2) Divorce The Disappointment of Debt (Video Training)                                  $297

(Eliminate debt, increase your income, and access resources that have only been reserved for the rich until now)

ACT NOW (BONUS) Family FREE Travel Globally (Video Training)                                 $100

(Travel globally without a strain on your household or even a budget)

SPECIAL (BONUS) How To Pay Off Debt When You're Broke (Video Training)            $100

(The 2nd strategy alone will save and/or make you over $600 without a job, financial investment, or something technical and complicated)

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